Matrix (1/10)
Metaphyisque (1/10)
Biomorphique (1/10)
Étude de Tension (1/9)
Étude de Lumière (1/10)
Ville Sombre (1/10)
The Seven Percent-India (1/10)
Mired in the Bayou (1/9)

Michael De Pasquale is a Still life & Architectural Photographer who after living and working in New York city moved to Paris where he lives now. Raised in upstate New York and first trained by his father, Michael De Pasquale began his formal studies of photography in London, before graduating to The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.
Michael, with a love for light and design is constantly expolring compostion and perceptuial space.

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Instagram: https://www

Paris: +33660327007

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